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Summer Missions

Need a team to serve at your church?

To request summer missionaries for your project or if you have any questions about the program, email Misty at 

We are taking all church requests via email so that we can talk through opportunities in the fullest. If you would like our team to help with your VBS, canvasing project, food distribution, summer camp, or other outreach project, please email Misty at We look forward to hearing from you!

We will soon be hiring for 2023! 

*Keep watching this page*

Are you looking for a unique way to grow in Christ this summer? Join us for a life changing summer that will include the following: 

-In-depth Bible study

-Helping churches rebuild their post-COVID children's ministries through VBS

-Serving in local community centers

-Laying the groundwork for local church planting and revitalization

-Literally feeding the hungry

*All summer missionaries must be 16-24 years old and have an endorsement from their church. 

Click here for an application. 


Please note: The application is long and does not save your place. Be prepared to answer it in one sitting. The more difficult questions you need to be prepared to answer are essay style. You may type them in another document and paste them into the application. 

Be prepared to answer the following: 
Share your testimony including how you are growing in Christ now.

Briefly describe a time when you shared the gospel with a non-believer.

How would you share Christ with a friend? 

Why do you want to be a summer missionary?

In addition, you will need to provide an email address for 3 references (a youth/college leader, a sunday school teacher or adult friend, and a teacher or employer) and your pastor. 

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